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Career Directions

For the majority of researchers, working as a 'postdoc' is not a final career destination. Your research contract is a terrific chance to establish your research interests further and grow as a professional researcher. But at the same time, it's also important to think about your longer term career aims. Whether you are planning to stay on in research or you're looking for alternative career options, much of what the Careers Service can offer will be useful to you. The Service is independent and confidential.

The Careers Service now offers specific Careers Programmes for postdocs in the Schools of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology. Postdocs in these Schools are entitled to use the Careers Programmes regardless of who their funding body is. If you have any queries related to these programmes, please email us.

The Careers Service (as of July 2009) also provides careers support for postdocs in the Schools of Arts & Humanities and the Humanities & Social Sciences.

You can also benefit from the following services on our website:

  • Dedicated portals for postdocs in the Schools of Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Technology, including downloadable career resources, profiles and more..
  • General Careers information - find out about a range of careers sectors from the media to banking
  • A range of tools and resources to help you plan your career
  • A comprehensive diary of events, workshops and briefing sessions to help you explore various careers
  • Support in finding jobs, applying for them, and attending interviews

Find out more by visiting the Careers Service website.

A detailed description of our services, as well as useful information on careers, can be found in the Guide to the Careers Service available at Stuart House.

Cambridge Case Studies

To read about how former Cambridge postdocs are using their skills and experiences in new roles, follow this link. You'll find a series of career profiles of former researchers now working in many different roles outside of academia.